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David Cranna – Events Manager at The Cruin Interview

The Cruin is a unique family owned venue which only opened in 1998, catering for special celebrations, weddings and events, exclusive to you and your guests.
I have had the pleasure of photographing weddings at the Cruin for nearly ten years. Its breath-taking surroundings certainly make my role as photographer, and the capturing of exceptional memories, that bit easier. The venue includes their Lochside Terrace and a dedicated Ceremony Suite, offering panoramic views across the loch to Inch Murrin Island.
They also have a wedding team at The Cruin which is on hand to assist with every stage of the planning and preparation … and so I met with The Cruin events manager David Cranna, to find out a little bit more about the rapid rise of the venue, now one of the most popular in the area.

David Cranna
How did you become involved in the wedding trade?

“I guess it was kind of a natural progression from hotel catering where catering for weddings was always part of that job. I eventually became a restaurant manager, including at Lodge on the Loch, and then The Cruin followed after that.”

What are the popular wedding trends?
“Last year it was all chocolate fountains and candy carts which kind of phased out towards the tail-end of the year, while this year there seems to have been certain popular centre pieces but generally an ideology of less is more. Also because the wedding couples generally are trying to please everyone, including parents, there is usually a fair degree of compromise on tastes & trends.”

Can wedding guests stay at The Cruin?

The Cruin itself doesn’t cater for overnight stays but within its 14 acre grounds the Directors of The Cruin have a number of lodges which, although treated as a separate business, can sleep up to 52 guests.”

Have you ever had to do more than what was expected for your couples?

“Often I end up with the temporary volunteer role of Chauffeur, driving members of the Wedding Party from A to B. On one occasion a passport had been forgotten by the groom that was needed for the honeymoon, which I offered to collect despite the 30mile round-trip.”

Describe your most challenging wedding?

“Every wedding presents its own challenges with every couple obviously wanting to personalise the day in their own unique way. Sometimes the bride & groom will have ideas that we, through experience, don’t think will work and then explaining this to them is in itself challenging.”

What questions should a couple ask a prospective venue such as yours?

“I would say there are probably 3 main areas to consider, the first being Logistics & Timescale; from time of ceremony and arrival drinks through to the meal & speeches, then afterwards first dance & Buffet. It’s usually easiest to time things back from the Party to the Function to the Ceremony, in reverse order.

Next you should consider any restrictions an individual venue may have, for example: with decorations; late-Bar license; venue opening/ closing times; or any accommodation related restrictions.

Finally the couple needs to give thought to whether they need a venue that can provide someone there on the day to help make sure things run smoothly and keep things on track, to allow the wedding couple to be able to relax more on their big day. Some couples think a ‘DIY wedding’ is a good idea but in most cases it probably isn’t.”







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